Tribeca Collection

Designed  by the architects Marco and Giulio Mantellassi, Tribeca Collection celebrates our passion for furniture and handcraft. An authentic, high-quality, vintage style furniture, completely hand made with the finest materials available: special woods like oak and pine combined with natural coverings like buffalo leather and pure linen. The result is a collection of armchairs and sofas luxurious but with a young, fresh and pretty design: every item enriches the space with timeless elegance and unique character. Perfect expression of the industrial style, Tribeca collection speaks about history, evoke the memory of the building and explain the relationship between the space and the people who worked inside. Our work aims to recreate a primordial connection between user and environment: in fact, we think that design should inspire and celebrate our lives, making the space functional but meaningful.

AGOSTINA - Armchair
CHESTERFIELD - sofa and ottoman
COUCH - Sofa
CUBO - Coffee table
DIADEMA - Cassettone
DIADEMA - Comodino
ERCOLE - Chest of drawers
ERCOLE - Tv Holder
ERCOLINO - Bedside table
ESSE - Armchair
FARFALLE - Poltrona
LA PARIGINA - Cubic pouff
FLIPPER - Applique
FLIPPER - Table lamp
FLIPPER - Chandelier
FLIPPER - Floor lamp
FONZIE - Divano
GLAM - Divano
IGLOO - Table lamp
IGLOO - Floor lamp
ITALO - Sofa
JOLE - Chair
KAKI - Side Table
LA PARISINA - Armchair
LA PARIGINA - Cylindrical pouf
LAZY - Sofa
MECCANICA - Tavolo da pranzo
MECCANICA - Chair with armrest
OVER - Armchair
PACO - Sofa
PELE - Armchair
PLACIDO - Divano Componibile
PULCE - Armchair
ROME - Armchair
SANDY - Sofa
STRIKE - Divano
TYPE - Sofa
TOTO - Applique
TOTO - Chandelier
TOTO - Floor lamp
TURY - Bar Cabinet
TURY - Buffet
TURY - Libreria
TURY - Tv Holder
VALZER - Lamp Table
VERTIGO - Tavolo da pranzo
VIOLANTE - Table lamp
ZAZA - coffee table

Tribeca Collection is the finest expression of our concept of art and design” proudly announce Marco and Giulio Mantellassi, young italian architects, fifth generation of Mantellassi, a tuscanian family of handcrafted furniture designers.

Officialy presented at the 2017 edition of Milan Furniture Fair, Tribeca is a refined, elegant and high-quality furniture collection, which refears to the 60/70s aesthetic and the industrial style. Inspired by a long period of travels and research around the world, the Mantellassi’s Twins propose vintage sofas, chairs and lamps that combine precious and natural materials (wood and leather) with the finest coverings, finishes, color combinations. Each piece of furniture has its history, is functional but at the same time full of meanings, details and beauty.

In fact, they say: “We strongly believe in the power of design and we think that its main task is to inspire and celebrate human life: furniture should explain the relationship between humans and space, every item should reflect the personality of its owner and transmit it to the surrounding environment”.