ZAZÀ - Coffee table by Mantellassi 1926
ZAZÀ - Coffee table
ZAZÀ - Coffee table

Coffee table with crystal top with triangular cuts

Product Type:coffee tables

Coffee table with crystal top, antiqued etched steel structure with triangular geometric cuts.

This coffee table is combined with the TV Holder Gillo, from which it incorporates the geometries.

We also suggest purchasing the Fedro poufs which can be placed under the Zazà table and which, if necessary, can be used as complementary seats.

Finally, we can add that the Zazà table is patinated in all the finishes of the Mantellassi folder or, out of standard, it can be lacquered with the colors of the international RAL chart.

Measures as in the photo:

Height: 51 cm / 21″

Diameter: 90 cm / 35″

Width: 150 cm / 59″

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