Couture Collection by Mantellassi

With the Couture Collection Mantellassi carries out a real “new interpretation” of the nineteenth-century palaces, their furnishings and their architecture. Modern reinterpretations of furniture from the past, classic furnishings readapted to contemporary homes, risky fusions that give pleasant surprises. Classic and contemporary, two architectural styles distant in time and coming from two different worlds, meet and give life to a new architectural style, Neoclassicism. Couture, a collection characterized by great classicism, offers locations that need no presentation and that have been able to move tens of generations for centuries. In perfect neoclassical style, it brings to life the architectural style of the great past splendor, from Baroque, to the Empire, to the Georgian and many others. Pictures rich in details, which transmit the desire to own houses of such prestige.

Allegra - Armchair
Altieri - Armchair
ATOLLO - armchair
Balmoral - Sofa
Bernini - Sofa
Borghese - Sofa
Boulle - Armchair
Bramante - Sofa
Ducale - Sofa
Istana - Sofa
Lagoon - Armchair
Madama - Armchair
Mercury - Sofa
Ottomano - pouff
Palmetto - Coffee table, Side table
Pauline - Armchair
AGATA - mirror
AMETHYST - chest of drawers
AUDREY - sofa
BLOSSOM - sofa
BOUDOIR - centrostanza
BUGATTI - armchair
CANOVA - sofa
CARSON - armchair
CHARME - armchair
CHIARALUNA - modular wall lamp
CLAUDE - sofa
DARLING - armchair
DELAGE - sofa
DORIA - sofa
ELISIR - sofa, armchair and pouf
ELISIR - Coffee Table
ELOISA - mirror
Cornflower - Dining table
GIADA - armchair
GINGER - armchair
HORTENSIA - mirror
ISOTTA - sofa
JOCOSA - Poltrona
LA PERLA - sofa
LA PERLA CHIC - sofa and armchair
Lady D
LIBERTY - armchair
LINCOLN - armchair
LIUP - armchair
LOUVRE - armchair and sofa
LUXURY - sofa
MARIA ANTONIETTA - toilet with mirror
MARQUISE - armchair
MINERVA - armchair and sofa
MIRO - sofa
MISTER - sofa
MODIGLIANI - Coffee Table, Lamp Table
MORGAN - sofa
NARCISO - coffee table
NARCISO - sofa and armchair
PICCADILLY - Divano, Poltrona, Pouff
SUSANNA - letto

The neoclassical trend is always more widespread and appreciated in Europe, which brings to life the classic style making it more current than ever, as it is re-proposed in a completely new guise, like the opposition of the most prestigious modern design. As demonstrated by modern baroque furniture, there are really many designers who, in recent times, have dealt with re-designing classic lines and finding them a collocation in modernity. Again, Mantellassi wasn’t unprepared and with the Couture Collection proposes a personal reinterpretation of the Classic, not only through armchairs and sofas in richly decorated solid wood, but with a clear, intelligent, passionate and elegant idea of a “home” where there are console tables distinctly finished, furniture in magnificent inlaid wood, upholstered headboards in fabric and finished in gold or silver leaf, living rooms in which classic lines alternate with modern materials, from glass to marble.