TESLA - Sofa with chaise longue by Mantellassi 1926
TESLA - Sofa with chaise longue
TESLA - Sofa with chaise longue

Product Type:sofas modular sofas

Tesla is a modular sofa with modern and very elegant lines, also available with a comfortable chaise-longue of various depths.

This modular sofa can be made in many sizes and compositions, from the classic linear in the various sizes 2 - 3 seats, to the corner one that you can find on the dedicated product page.

The Tesla sofa has a linear body that accommodates all the seats and backrests padded with polyurethane foam in various densities of different densities covered with a natural goose down duvet, a modular sofa that meets all Mantellassi quality standards.

The seating modules that you can use have three different sizes: Small (width 70 cm), Midi (width 80 cm), Maxi (width 90 cm).

The high paw lifts the body of the sofa making it almost float, light to the eye and perfect for cleaning easily the environment.

The Tesla sofa can be upholstered with many different types of fabric, it is beautiful and very suitable also for a leather upholstery.


4-seater sofa MAXI with chaise longue - W. 400 cm x D. 170 cm x H. 80 cm

4-seater sofa MIDI with chaise longue - W. 360 cm x D. 170 cm x H. 80 cm

4-seater sofa SMALL with chaise longue - W. 320 cm x D. 170 cm x H. 80 cm

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