Cosmopolitan Collection by Mantellassi

The Cosmopolitan Collection, last “scratch” which premiered last Edition of the Milan International Furniture Fair, opens 360° degrees to the world, recalling the architecture of the major world metropolises: New York, London, Moscow, Honk Kong, Dubai and many others. Penthouses that allow you to have a look on the breathtaking skyline. Both in the objects and in the finishing touches, in modern and semi-gloss colors, Cosmopolitan reveals a great attention to manufacture and care of details, the result of an extreme manufacturing preciousness.
A collection which proposes a Contemporary and Cosmopolitan style, a revisited and corrected Deco, which interprets luxury in its most current meanings bringing it towards a maximalist contemporary. Cosmopolitan is a “scratch” which expresses an ‘extreme desire to live emotions’ in a dimension made of unique pieces, which interprets the house as a “place of the soul” where it becomes possible to reconnect with yourself.

ADONE standard version
ADONE DEEP - Version with bookcase
AURORA - letto
Corniche - library
CUBO - tavolo da salotto
DIADEMA - chest of drawers
DIADEMA - comodino
DUSOLA - bedside table
ERCOLE - Chest of drawers
ERCOLINO - Bedside table
ERMES - showcase
FEDRO - square pouf
FEDRO - triptych
FEDRO - Sofa
FOSCARINA - chandelier
GILLO - Tv-Holder
GIOCONDA - mirror
GRAND TOUR - Versione con Libreria
GRAND TOUR - Versione con Tavolino
HOPE BLU - bed
ISIDORO - sofa
LA PARISINA - armchair
LA PARISINA - round ottoman
LALIQUE - coffee table
THE FATE - applique
THE FAIRIES - composition
LIU - console
LOLITA - chandelier
LOLITA - Applique
LOLITA GUAPA - Floor lamp
LUCILLA - chandelier
MACRAME - Coffee Table
MACRAME - lamp table
MARGOT - armchair
MARTINI - bar cabinet
MICHELANGELO - Writing desk
MICHELANGELO - chair head of the table
MICHELANGELO - standard chair
MICHELANGELO - dining table
MIMOSA - mirror
NOMADE - sofa
NUVOLA - coffee table
NUVOLA - sofa
NUVOLA - lamp table
NUVOLA - armchair
Nuvola - Tv Holder
OLA - Bar and back bank
OLA - Chest of drawers
OLA - Coffee Table
OLA - Bedside table
Ola - sofa
OLA - sofa and armchair
OLA - lamp table
OLA - bed
OLA - bed bench
OLA - toilet pouff
OLA - Settimino
OLA - mirror
OLA - Toilette
OLA - TV Holder
ORLOFF - meridienne
ORLOFF - pouff
OVER - armchair
Pontecorvo - Chair
PONTECORVO - dining table
ROMEO - bed
SCARLETT - coffee table
SCARLETT - lamp table
SPARK - applique
SPARK - suspension
SCRICCIOLO - coffee table
TANGO - armchair
TESLA - Sofa, Armchair, Pouff
TULLIO - dining table
UNIVERSAL - Divano, Poltrona
VANESIO - Coffee Table
VANESIO - sofa
VANESIO - lamp table
VANESIO - Armchair
VANESIO - Tavolo
VIOLANTE - abat jour
VIVIEN - sofa and armchair
WALES - sofa and armchair
WINNIFRED (King Nude) - dining table
YOU GLAM - sofa

The Cosmopolitan Collection summarizes in its name a vintage pushed to a Glamorous Deco spirit, cosmopolitan and opened 360 degrees to the world. A research structured, scrupulous and conflicting, in the sophisticated match of materials, in the provocative new interpretation of the lines, where the decoration is also function as well as prestige. Risky fusions and desired contrasts, such as those present in the furnishings dedicated to the living and dining areas, between the upholstered and the accessories with an almost intentionally ‘worn out’ opaque style and the furniture with sparkling surfaces inspired by the 1940s and the 1950s, played in Deco Style and with precious veneers.

The bedroom is also reinterpreted by integrating retro embroidery and references to natural fabrics and to the colors-no colors of linen and wool. A provocative mix of motifs for a home seen in a sort of “disharmonic harmony”, which can be placed in a trendy loft in New York, as well as in a more classic metropolitan location.

Cosmopolitan, unique pieces also tailor made, belongs to the world of Casa Gioiello di Mantellassi 1926.