CHESTERFIELD - Sofa by Mantellassi 1926


Product Type:sofas modular sofas

The Chesterfield sofa is an icon of the world of the leather lounge, a timeless classic in the world of upholstery, an item that enriches any home and moves anyone who looks at it.

For the realization of the Chesterfield sofa, in this case in the corner version, a great experience as well as an important precision by the upholsterer are needed for a perfect outcome, in particular as far as concerned the backrest completely made in capitone tufted fabric.

A Mantellassi Chesterfield sofa is an eternal artwork that you will take into your home and admire every day for the rest of your life. It is exalted by the hand antiquated leathers such as the Revenge Dark.

Covering as pictured: Revenge leather, Dark color cat. 500

Legs Finishing: cod. 102 - Belle époque  

Product size:

Height: 72 cm

depth: 88 cm


3-seat sofa: 215 cm

2-seat sofa: 165  cm

armchair: 105 cm

footstool: H 45 cm, D 100 cm, W 70 cm (disponibile su misura)

corner sofa as pictured: depth 300 cm, width 350 cm 

2-seat sofa with open end: width 200 cm

3-seat sofa with open end: width 250 cm 

Corner width 100 cm, depth 100 cm 

Available custom-made sofa.



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