FLIPPER - Applique by Mantellassi 1926
FLIPPER - Applique
FLIPPER - Applique


Product Type:lighting

The Flipper series is composed of chandelier floor lamp, wall lamp and table lamp.

Very simple wall lamp, with the cones that lay on a metal structure in burnished brass. Captivating design and original style, for a wall lamp from which the light comes out from simple conic structures and, beyond illuminating, it enriches the wall on which it’s placed.

In fact, the function of this item is dual, to illuminate and to decor: it can be the absolute protagonist of the illumination or it can contribute to it by integrating with the other light sources of the room. The shapes and the colors are various and they give an unique and extremely personal character to the space where they are placed.

Finish, like in the picture

Body in code 1045 burnished brass

Cones in two-color painted aluminum

Product size like in the picture:

Depth: 30 cm 

Width: 36/70 cm 

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