IGLOO - Floor lamp by Mantellassi 1926
IGLOO - Floor lamp
IGLOO - Floor lamp


Product Type:lighting

The Igloo series is composed of floor lamp and table lamp.

Floor lamp with a memory design, with spherical pendant lights. A system of opaque spheres filters a soft light, which orbits the central metal body and hand-etched.

The perfect shape of the spheres is contrasted and et the same time harmonized by the rigorous lines of the metal structure. Precisely, the balance of the luminous bodies hanging off the arms of the structure is what makes the object so fascinating.

A modern floor lamp, which stands out elegantly and enhances the environment where it is located.


Body in code 1045 burnished brass

Spheres in white glass

Sizes, as pictured: Height 165 cm.  Diameter 100

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