FARFALLE - Sofa by Mantellassi 1926

Modular sofa with a classic design revisited in a modern key

Product Type:sofas modular sofas

Farfalle is a beautiful, very comfortable handmade sofa with a very particular structure to be appreciated from every angle you look at it.

The design of this modular sofa dates back to the 70s and 80s; a product from the Mantellassi archive that has been completely re-edited with modern proportions, measurements and materials such as the iron frame and the best polyurethane foams to ensure excellent comfort.

The Farfalle 3-seater sofa is made up of five external vertical elements that simulate the opening of the petals of a flower. These "petals" connected to a horizontal frame create a sort of nest where the cushions in polyurethane foam of different densities are received.

The supporting structure is made of iron which gives a remarkable solidity and stability without weighing down the shapes of the sofa, giving the possibility to have a part raised from the ground, very practical for cleaning the house.

The Farfalle modular sofa can be upholstered in matching fabrics like the one in the photo, or in a single fabric.

In the sofa in the photo we used our latest generation Cuero thick microfiber completely stain-resistant, antibacterial and animal-friendly, and a natural cotton fabric for the cushions, which are all removable. 

The headrest is also available as an option for absolute relaxation.

Available in various sizes and different compositions


2 seater sofa H. 81 cm P. 87 cm L. 160 cm

3 seater sofa H. 81 cm P. 87 cm L. 220 cm

Armchair H. 81 cm P. 87 cm L. 88 cm

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