PEACOCK - Bedside table by Mantellassi 1926
PEACOCK - Bedside table
PEACOCK - Bedside table

Product Type:cabinets

The Peacock collection represents the highest expression of cabinet making applied to the pieces that make up our contemporary furniture line.

It can be appreciated how the fusion of techniques that are grafted together without overwhelming each other, generates a harmony of shapes intent on enhancing every detail that makes up the object.

The turned legs sculpt the side like a Vasari high relief shapes the material.

Their lightness is the peculiarity that unites all the objects in the collection, a distinctive sign that enhances the craftsmanship typical of Tuscan manufacturing.

The external structure of the furniture, which can be veneered or lacquered, is finished with a faceted solid wood on the front edges in order to frame the surface of the doors like a true masterpiece of contemporary art.

In fact, it is on the surfaces of drawers, doors or table tops that the decorative essence of the various elements reaches its peak, it is here that you can appreciate an elaborate inlay of various materials skilfully combined to reproduce the style to which this collection makes reference: the peacock wheel.

The Peacock collection includes furnishing objects for the sleeping area and the living area, which can give the environment a touch of refined but at the same time discreet style.


W. 59 x D. 40 x H. 51,5 cm

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