MICHELANGELO - Chair by Mantellassi 1926

Chair with welcoming and soft volumes

Product Type:chairs

Michelangelo is a series composed by writing desk, chairs and dining table.

The Michelangelo chair collection belongs to the same project as the dining table, the Leopolda display cabinet and the matching buffet.

The Michelangelo chairs are a collection with welcoming and soft volumes. The constructive idea of ​​the solid dimension undergoes a strong perceptual modification during processing, creating an elegant as always current effect of modern carving.

The visual perception of the vertical line alters the rhythm of depth, changing the dimensional effect. The excavation, the depth and the soft curves mark a new border between the real and the imagined.

Michelangelo chairs are offered in two heights, standard and head of the table. The extraordinary personality of the leather and its infinite chromatic solutions make each chair unique and unrepeatable.

Finishes as photo:

Structure in Canaletto walnut

Leather art. Nuvola col. Dark Brown cat. 800

Gold-plated brass finish


Chair H. 97 P.50 L.57

Head of the table chair H.119 P.63 L.50

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