OLA - Septet by Mantellassi 1926
OLA - Septet
OLA - Septet

Septet with a poetic dimension and a contemporary style

Product Type:cabinets

Ola is a series composed by sofa, armchair, pouf, living room tables, TV holder, bar counter and back counter, bed, bedside table, dresser, bed bench, septet, mirror and dressing table.

In 2012 Alessio Mazza designed the Ola septet for Mantellassi, a cabinet with 7 drawers that became part of the Ola collection thanks to its finishes similar to the bedroom world.

It is characterized by its poetic dimension and introduces contemporary elements that make it transversal also to the living and dining area.

The collection is enriched with the version in wood and lacquered and completely in lacquered.

Drawer unit system made of medium-density wood fiber with lacquer in shades from the Mantellassi color chart. The molding of the drawers, a characterizing element of the piece of furniture, is in cowhide alternating between printed and plain.

Partial extraction drawers, with interior made of plywood.

The Ola septet is available in the 7-drawer weekly variants, equipped with internal ballast, to increase its stability when opening.


H.125 D.50 L.60

OLA - Septet
OLA - Septet
OLA - Septet
OLA - Septet
OLA - Septet
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