TESLA - Sofa by Mantellassi 1926
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa

Extremely versatile modular sofa for every kind of space

Product Type:sofas modular sofas

Tesla, a modular sofa with an elegant and refined line.

Its versatility offers the chance to arrange it in any room, spacious or small.

The frame of this linear sofa, defined by two broad and noble arms, accommodates the seats and
backrests which are padded with soft natural goose feathers and polyurethane foam packed
according to the height, adapting the density. All this creates a balance between modernity and
comfort in Mantellassi’s pure style.

The high legs raise the body of the sofa, giving it a floating feel. Moreover, the sofa appears light to
the eye, but also makes it easy to clean all spaces in the room.

In this case, the Tesla sofa was covered with a Macao fabric, Sea color.

The detail enriches this model, but is not revealed to us until we observe the object very carefully.
This sofa is a touch of refinement, it is perfect for those looking for the best of Mantellassi’s style
and quality.

Upholstery in the image: Macao fabric, Sea color


Height: 80 cm

Depth: 105 cm 


Three-seated sofa: 230 cm 

Two-seated sofa: 210 cm 


Small single end unit right/left: 150 cm Width

Medium single end unit right/left: 115 cm Width

Big single end unit right/left: 158 cm Width

Medium two-seater end unit right/left: 185 cm Width

Big two-seater end unit right/left: 205 cm Width

Corner end unit: 105 cm Depth x 105 cm Width

Central small: 80 cm Width

Central big: 90 cm Width

Central two-seater: 120 cm Width

Medium chaiselongue: 160 cm Depth x 105 cm Width

Big chaiselongue: 160 cm Depth x 115 cm Width

Sectional chaiselongue: 235 cm Depth x 105 cm Width

Medium pouf: 40 cm H x 105 cm D x 105 cm W

Tesla sofa can be tailored to individual requirements.

TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
TESLA - Sofa
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