GRAND TOUR II - Sofa with coffee table by Mantellassi 1926
GRAND TOUR II - Sofa with coffee table
GRAND TOUR II - Sofa with coffee table

Grand Tour modular sofa, composition with coffee-table

Product Type:sofas modular sofas

The Grand Tour sofa from the Cosmopolitan collection is an elegant and modern modular sofa, which offers a huge variety of compositional solutions thanks to the versatility of its elements and its structure.

An essential and highly customizable sofa, with numerous composition possibilities: the various elements can be combined with each other, arranged and juxtaposed as desired, creating solutions suitable for every architectural and comfort requirement.

Linear, angular or curved compositions, which make concrete the pleasure of composing and searching for one's ideal of well-being and relaxation.

The seats are also adjustable with different depths to offer everyone the highest level of customization.

Low, high, wedge, reading cushion, classic seats, bergère, chaise-longue. With its infinite composition possibilities, the Gran Tour sofa by Mantellassi is simple to use and model and able to satisfy any comfort requirement.

A modular and modern sofa, in which modularity and technology come together at the service of relaxation and well-being.

Sofa available in different compositions and customizable sizes.

Dimensions as photo:

L. 418 x D. 305 cm x H. 88/103 cm

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