LE FATE - Composition of wall lamps by Mantellassi 1926
LE FATE - Composition of wall lamps
LE FATE - Composition of wall lamps

Wall lamp composition in neo-liberty style

Product Type:lighting

Le Fate is a series consisting of applique and composition of wall lamps.

Le Fate wall lamp composition is an extraordinary neo-liberty style chandelier, formed by large wall lamps with crystal buds and different types of bronze, copper and gold metal leaves.

A surprising object, inspired by nature and its beauty. A work of art made entirely by hand, by Florentine master craftsmen who find their complete essence in metal, managing to extract a soul.

The leaves of this furnishing accessory will take shape on your wall, in a natural and balanced way, in the colors of bronze, copper and gold. They will merge in perfect harmony with your environment. The handmade crystal buds will give grace and kindness, stimulating your senses and making your living space unique.

Mantellassi designers will be able to design your "Le Fate" wall lamp just for you, in different sizes, and you can have an exclusive piece forever.

Measures as photo:

Height composition and single element 108 / 43″

Depth composition and single element 15 / 6″  


composition 220 / 87″

single element 114 / 45″

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