ISTANA - Armchair by Mantellassi 1926
ISTANA - Armchair
ISTANA - Armchair


Elegant and refined, the Istana armchair is a concentrate of emotions and well-being.

Designed by a great master of design, it is a product that is characterized by its straight and curved lines, male and female: the lightness of the neoclassical line with a touch of 50s taste, for a classic contemporary style that communicates balance and comfort.

The large padded seat of this armchair allows for great relaxation, while the lumbar cushion make the seat stable as well as comfortable. The seams on the backrest, combined with the fine and sinuous armrest, give personality and express a timeless sophistication.

Like any other masterpiece, Mantellassi has incorporated its fundamental characteristics into this model, achieving a creative and intriguing momentum.  A couturier silhuette with a close-fitting and segmented espalier roller.

This model offers an important, symmetrical and modern sense of glamor with a strong vocation to provide an original touch to the environment. Ideal for small spaces, in larger rooms it can be combined with the Istana sofa.


Height: 81 cm

Seat height: 50 cm

Depth: 90 cm

Width: 86 cm

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