NUVOLA - Tv Holder by Mantellassi 1926
NUVOLA - Tv Holder
NUVOLA - Tv Holder

TV holder with an essential and effective design

Product Type:cabinets

Nuvola is a series composed by sofa, day bed, armchair, coffee tables and tv holder.

Simple in its elegance, refined in its essentiality, exclusive and customizable thanks to the many combination possibilities.

Nuvola Tv holder is one of the masterpieces that best expresses Mantellassi's ability to tailor each project, to create each composition as if it were a dress tailored to size, colors and finishes.

A fresh and clean image that hides a manufacturing skill and a quality of materials that guarantee aesthetics and pleasantness at every level.

Today the Nuvola collection "touches the ground" going beyond the upholstered versions that they have always identified this proposal and characterized its image.

An evolution that gives a different aspect to domestic micro-architecture, which redefines hierarchies and dimensional relationships within the living environment, which outlines new functional concepts capable of furnishing the space by giving it personality and character.

A proposal that amplifies functionality. volumes, effectively increasing the storage capacity and rationalizing the space to accommodate everything necessary for carrying out daily operations in the lounge area.

Essential and measured design, ability to be at the same time complement and protagonist, to enhance the shapes of the other collections through a "silent" and effective design.

This could be summarized as the Tv holder Nuvola, the collection designed by Alessio Mazza responding to a request for Glamor by the company. An always exclusive metropolitan concept, a formal simplicity that is always precious, a friendly and well-known image, with the groove determining the opening of the doors and immediately simplifying the opening and closing operations.

A collection that finds its right place in the market, underlining how behind a design collection there is a constructive wisdom that is often forgotten.

The piece of furniture is made starting from a "core" that we could define as technical, made of lacquered MDF support, and an external "skin" in wood and leather printed with a cashmere effect.

A construction technique that leaves room for numerous combinations of both finishes and typologies, the premises for further development, a modus operandi that identifies Nuvola as the spokesperson for that tailoring that it is in the company's DNA.

Structure with glossy lacquered col. Sand.

Top and bottom drawers upholstered in embossed leather.

Upper drawers covered with a satin brass plate.

Measures as photo:

H.51 P.45 L.350

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