NARCISO - Coffee table by Mantellassi 1926
NARCISO - Coffee table
NARCISO - Coffee table

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Narciso is a Mantellassi collection of classic furniture. The classic baroque of the eighteenth century was the background of this collection.

This style was born in Italy, at a time when luxury and refinement represented a real lifestyle. The style of this period is neither heavy nor massive, but a more refined and light Baroque.

The Narciso collection was created to bring harmony, elegance and comfort to interior furnishings. Inspired by Italian tradition and the Baroque, our designers have expanded and renewed a style thanks to innovative finishes, refined fabrics, original accessories, and all the charm of classic furniture.

The finishes, colors and decorations give life to each product. Our decorating artists from the Academy of Florence know how to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each wooden piece of furniture thanks to natural colors and the light and sophisticated touch of their brush. .

Complete each piece of furniture with luxurious fabrics: velvets, brocades, leathers, silks. The hand-made padding, as well as the other phases of the production process, is the final stage in the creation of a product that is rigorously Made in Italy: luxury, style and high quality are guaranteed.

Accessories complete the collection so that there is a design unit in the living room of your dreams.

Finishing: cod. 375 - Glossy golf lead polyester   


Coffee table H.43 D.80 L.138

Lamp table H. 50 D. 80 L. 80  


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