LUXURY - Sofa by Mantellassi 1926

Product Type:sofas

A superb creation, for environments second to none, Luxury was designed by Nicola Mantellassi and from the first sketches it was clear that it was an innovative line, with majestic measures, to furnish the halls of villas with great prospects.

An important choice is the fabrics used to propose these masterpieces of upholstery art.

At least 3 finely coordinated coverings are required to create a soft wave pattern, a sensual alternating motion of preciousness, which, combined with the proverbial Mantellassi comfort, manage to create an imperial environment.

The hand-carved details in solid beech wood are the fingerprints of a brand like Mantellassi, born to give a style to function.

Covering as seen:

Ripple edge: Fabric art. Molina Lamé col. mouse cat. Maxi.
Body and armrests: Fabric art. Macula lurex col. Mouse cat. Maxi.
Seat and back: Fabric art. Stars Lurex col. Snow cat. Maxi.
Optional flying cushions

Finishing: Cod. 205 - Antiqued silver leaf.  


3 seater sofa H. 90 P. 109 L. 208  

4 seater sofa H. 90 P. 109 L. 238

Pouf H. 42 P. 75 L. 137

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