FOSCARINA - Chandelier by Mantellassi 1926
FOSCARINA - Chandelier
FOSCARINA - Chandelier

Chandelier in decò style

Product Type:lighting

Foscarina is a series consisting of chandelier and applique.

The chandelier is a real sculptural work, handmade by real Florentine masters, in the working of wrought iron.

The water lilies, in Murano glass with rhombus texture, diamond cut in different colors, are embellished with a brilliant silver-colored crystal sphere.

The Foscarina Chandelier is made and composed, even in a completely personalized way, both in the finishing colors and in the dimensions. Each Mantellassi object takes shape according to your requests.

The uniqueness of Mantellassi products has been recognized for almost 100 years and is destined to remain over time as an essence of style, created only for your home.

Measures as photo: 

Height 180 cm

Diameter 49 cm

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