CORNICHE - Bookcase, Tv Holder by Mantellassi 1926
CORNICHE - Bookcase, Tv Holder
CORNICHE - Bookcase, Tv Holder

Multipurpose furniture (bookcase or tv holder) in Decò style

Product Type:cabinets

Beautiful and original multipurpose piece of furniture made with solid Tanganyika frame and veneered plywood structure.

Corniche is a decò object useful in many environments. It works as a bookcase, and with a different configuration, it is very nice as a tv stand.

Mantellassi grants the possibility to completely customize this decoration object, so that it can become a cabinet shelves according to your needs.

Whether you want to transform it into a TV cabinet, bookcase or object holder, Corniche is the perfect compromise for a distinct and particular contemporary style decoration. To give an original touch, to create a unique corner in your home.

The finishing of the frame, and the inside one, can be completely customized, gold or silver leaf. Or in lacquered colors, completely studied and matched with balance in your home.

Each Mantellassi product creates the right harmonic expression for a touch of unique and personal style

Bookcase size as photo:

Height: 200 cm 

Depth: 45 cm 

Width: 175 cm 

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