BOUDOIR - Room Centerpiece by Mantellassi 1926
BOUDOIR - Room Centerpiece
BOUDOIR - Room Centerpiece

A harmonious unique piece with a strong sensuality

Product Type:sofas

Boudoir is a unique piece, an icon that enhances the large entrances of villas, hotels and shops.

Born in bohemian France, it expresses a strong sensuality. The circular sofa was often used for very aristocratic meeting houses, to welcome the customer.

Today it is re-proposed with a finely carved wooden frame, topped by a wedged structure that divides the perimeter into 4 elements.

Being totally circular in all its forms, it is made by artists with proven experience, both in terms of structure, patination and padding.

The whole wooden frame is decorated according to the techniques and colors of the Mantellassi 1926 folder.

Covering as seen: Pigalle Beige, Zenit Champagne

Wood finish: Antique Binco with gold leaf details


Height: 124 cm

Diameter: 187 cm

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