This wonderful villa stands on the hills of Suvereto, near Castello Bonaria, with a view of the Tuscan Tyrrhenian Sea. The building, new and with a contemporary style, blends well with the environment around it.

The owners, a young couple with an artistic and eccentric spirit, have embellished the exterior and interior of the villa with fine art installations.

Therefore, the furnishings had to match the house, the landscape and the spirit of the owners. So our team of designers and architects designed a complete furniture, with pieces of different styles, with a predominance of the contemporary style, without missing the warm soul of some classic furnishings. The eclectic and original combination has completely met the expectations of the customers and enriched the house, without making it appear too sumptuous.

In the main living room this union is more pronounced. Here a custom-made Lazy corner sofa is the undisputed protagonist, conveying vintage comfort and calmness, while in the dining room you can breathe an elegant and modern air, with the Pontecorvo table and chairs set. The whole environment is warmed by the warm and enveloping light of the custom-made Flipper chandelier.

The kitchen and the main bedroom, on the other hand, are completely inspired by modern and technological furniture, where everything has been designed and built to respect the harmonies of the environments.

On the outside, a gym was built inside a patio that can be closed in winter to be able to train throughout the year, exploiting all the potential of the house.