A possible and absolutely successful combination!

The values which characterize Mantellassi around the world aren’t only those linked to the field of design, craftsmanship and Made in Italy. Besides these, environmental sustainability deserves a prominent place: from the choice of suppliers and raw materials to the type of work performed, we work hard every day so that the quality of our products also guarantees the protection of health and the environment: ours, is a CONSCIOUS PRODUCTION, with low environmental impact and in line with the main Europeans and international regulations.

We work with materials and production methods that, even if innovative and of quality, always respect the environment and mankind: Mantellassi has always supported the high quality standard of products and projects, the high technological content of the processes, the environmental protection and the attention to the safety of the worker and the final consumer.

In particular, our PROCESSING OF WOOD deserves a special mention: the structure of our sofas, armchairs and all our furnishings are only in SOLID wood, obtained with techniques in line with the environmental sustainability principles.

Our wood is cut only after a series of evaluations whose aim is the safeguard of the overall forest heritage: the felling of trees takes place based to the age and size of the plant and when its biological-vegetative activity is at its minimum (so generally, in winter).

Also the subsequent stages of branches cutting and debarking are carried out in a sustainable way, recovering everything that can be recycled: for the production of chipboards, as topsoil or as elements of fertilizers and wood pulp…

The next stage of cutting trunks (which takes place with a “sectioning by quarters” system) allows to obtain extremely resistant solid wood panels, without any deformations, which are then dried (to remove the intrinsically present humidity) and glued to increase their stability.

The careful development of these first stages of production is extremely important to guarantee QUALITY, STABILITY and DURABILITY of our solid wood furnishings

Carrying out a sustainability plan represents an added value for every company (as a guarantee of quality both for the product and for the client) and even more for Mantellassi, company so deeply attached to its territory (that of Pistoia) and its artisan tradition.