TEAL, the color of elegance

Discovering a mysterious color

A color halfway between blue and green, born in the late Fifties in the fashion and fabrics sector, and always more recurring also in the interior design and in the home décor world.

A tint that is difficult to be identified because it’s neither blue, nor light blue, nor even green: a bland of turquoise and petroleum blue tones, which owes its name to octane, an anti-detonant element of petrol.

Close by analogy to the blue-green of peacock’s tail or the intense blue of the sapphire, teal color is by now become the symbol of feminine elegance, because its intense, embracing and determined hue gives personality and refinement, recalling the luxurious dresses of princesses.

A color without an immediate comparison in nature which, precisely for its exclusive and distinctive character, has conquered all fields, going from fashion to design. A tint that can only be admired, for the ease whit which it can satisfy heterogeneous tastes and locations, adapting perfectly to different contexts.

The teal, in fact, in addition to clothes, shoes and accessories, convinces more and more in the decoration and in the interior design and can be used in various ways: it proves capable of bringing out every fabric, material and finishing on which it is used and it is perfect for luxury locations, as well as in minimal or informal homes.

A really surprising chromatic solution that is driving everyone crazy!