Customized bookcase from the Tury Line

The Tury line, designed by Marco and Giulio Mantellassi, includes furnishings that combine technology and experimentation, craftsmanship and constructive avant-garde. Container furniture and design bookcase characterized by essential lines, different sizes and volumes, capable of creating countless combinations.

The Tury bookcase was conceived with an ingenious modularity that is expressed in complex and elaborate configurations, which reveal a meticulous and in-depth work on shapes, details and components: the result is a perfect balance between form and nature, perfect synthesis between static and lightness.

Specimens of the past brought back to life with the originality and avant-garde of modern times but in full respect of the work of the master designers.

The Tury line is a "big family", destined to grow because it continually welcomes new arrivals: each product is born with a specific function and is coordinated with the other "members of the same family", thanks to the recurring use of the beautiful head oak veneer.


Tury furniture is made with our historical experience in the world of furniture and are objects of extreme quality and preciousness, a rich and varied collection, which extends the boundaries of lightness and flexibility by challenging the laws of statics and gravity.

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