Luxury Furniture Project realized in the center of Milan

When we were contacted by Mr And Mrs  Sahrai, through the architect Samuele Mazza, we did not remotely imagine what awaited us. A splendid shop in the center of Milan, where the undisputed king is the oriental carpet, made in both traditional and contemporary techniques and designs.

The brief was complex: being able to contextualize a collection of seats and furniture of great personality, rich in wood details, in an environment where the carpet had to remain the main actor.

We started to observe, imagine and draw and we proposed different solutions which, however, in the opinion of our clients, were always too flashy. In the end, the winning idea was to DEMATERIALIZE the decoration: we treated the wood with a technique that makes it "concrete effect", pigmentable or achievable in leaf. We chose monochromatic linen canvases and we patinated the structures in earth colors ideal for the shop.

The result is there for all to see: a series of objects that transport the end customer's mind into a "home dimension", where the function of the carpet is enhanced. Objective centered, all that remained was to choose the most suitable name to define the operation made: we called this project "RE NUDO" to understand the reason why a sofa, normally the "king of the room", can sometimes take off this cloak and be presented in a transparent guise.


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