“Artigeniale” is an epithet which perfectly embodies Mantellassi philosophy.

This term in fact refers to the symbiosis that expert workers operate, a mix between craftsmanship and the genius of the unique work.

In the Renaissance only the Masters could call their work “sincere”, or sine cera (“without wax”, a technique used by disciples to touch up the small flaws of their works) and therefore immaculate. Every object was made in harmony with a perfect vision: who the Client was, what the work had to represent, its function, its position. The great artists of the past were genius of art, they thought the product like to be immortal, universal.

Today we find the same approach in Mantellassi: we listen to the client for a long time, we make the initial sketches and correct them until we are not satisfied with the result. Whether it’s a sofa, a piece of furniture or an interior design, each of our creations must satisfy the client’s needs, but at the same time be in line with our aesthetic taste. So we produce the samples and, among the thousands of extremely different options (in color, wood, fabric, leather, details etc.), we choose the best one, the perfect one: in a few words the only one, the one which reflects the client but at the same time satisfies our aesthetic canons. Precisely what the ancient Romans called the “non plus ultra”. Finally we create the final masterpiece with touches by expert cabinetmakers and master upholsterers.

Even today, in a world dominated by mass production and technical reproducibility, for Mantellassi the piece of art must be sincere: not a multiple but a rare piece, whose possession becomes a real pride. Because authentic luxury is for us the tradition of beauty, which is made of unique, original and not reproducible pieces.


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