Christmas at the Mantellassi house

From the single piece to the turnkey through two 'souls', virtual containers inside which all the collections come to life. Donna Mantellassi, more classic and decorative, ostentatious and ornamental, and Casa Gioiello, more sparkling, always very representative, strong, maximalist. Next to the Upholstery, an anthology of upholstery.

Neo Baroque and Decor Glamour, freely interpreted, celebrate Christmas. And they do it at Mantellassi's home, where authentic master craftsmen of the ancient Tuscan school express the culture of the project with unique and totally customizable solutions.

A total luxury style look for every living space, private and public, at an international level.
Mantellassi 1926 chooses Studio Penisola as press office & p.r.
Together they wish you Merry Christmas.

90 years in 2016

This is no small achievement for a company in continuous expansion, in Italy and abroad.