Arkeda 2015 EXHIBIT

CONVENTION of architecture

Naples according to Mantellassi 1926.
Wins the high tailoring of pure classic cut

It could only be the great capital of Campania that hosted the consolidation on the national market -Centro and Sud - of Mantellassi 1926, a historic and extremely dynamic Tuscan company, with a team capable of designing and producing every single piece of furniture in a totally personalized way, combining the ideas of the client with classic styles such as Neo Baroque and Decor Glamour.

"In Naples - explains Nicola Mantellassi, fourth generation 'patron' - we have always been at home, because in Naples you choose the beautiful, the important, the protagonist; who loves classical inspiration. And this happens precisely because the Neapolitan capital is the most concrete expression of the coexistence of styles, where Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Decor Glamour alternate, mix and integrate skillfully, as in a mosaic. Ancient noble palaces, Art Nouveau villas, elegant avenues, but also places of study, work, hospitality and spaces of the future with futuristic buildings, where the consumer, culturally advanced, likes to insert his furniture 'in style' ...".

Mantellassi's return to Naples in 1926, desired and studied in every detail.

The occasion is the presence in Arkeda 2015, Exhibition-Conference of Architecture, Building, Design & Furniture, scheduled at the Mostra d'Oltremare from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 November.

To deal with the commercial, the Neapolitan 'doc' Salvatore Casella, today official Mantellassi 1926, who knows everything or almost everything about his city. Ben knows the style of great class and luxury, where haute couture is the winner.


"The Neapolitan territory," explains Roberta Mantellassi, A.D. Mantellassi 1926, "is very attentive to the extreme personalisation and value of the manufacture, with precise research by architects, interior designers and private individuals, including vintage and modernism. A basin, therefore, ideal for us, where we can come back to prove ourselves.
And it is precisely at Arkeda 2016 that Mantellassi 1926 will anticipate its first 90 years, which in 2016 will see the restyling of the parent company of Pistoia: on the ground floor of the historic factory a sort of re-edition of the ancient Florentine Piazza di Santa Croce with small shops of Renaissance style: cabinetmakers, tanners, upholsterers, carvers, decorators, to see and live like a stage on this side of the stage. There is a large showroom area, with almost a thousand square meters dedicated and two fully furnished apartments, which we like to call 'Mantellassi's rooms'. ".


And it is no coincidence, perhaps, if at the same time Mantellassi 1926 won the "Pistoia Verde 2015" prize awarded by the Accademia della Chionchina - president Giacomo Dominici - awarded for 39 years to people or companies that have enhanced the city of Pistoia in the world.
At Arkeda , Mantellassi 1926 presents himself with an exhibition concept that invites you to get information and share the fascinating world of his made in Italy: on maxi screen, the video with suggestive images of the production chain and the general catalogue.

Among the products on display, from the new Flair collection, Adone, the modular leather sofa, with a suspended effect characterized by linear and enveloping shapes, the TV holder Lalique, whose doors are enriched with a 3D processing of considerable carat, the Lolita lamps, chrome-plated metal frame with crystal pendants, and the smoking table Nuvola, top in marble breccia daino and dark imperador, base in solid wood "millerighe" and antique silver leaf finish.

Examples of more extensive furnishing proposals rich in artistic suggestions, from the single piece to turnkey, which expand the wealth of 'total look furniture' projects for unique environments, destined to last over time.


This is the great 'Italian know-how' of Mantellassi 1926: projects that start from an emotional nucleus in balance, not necessarily symmetrical, and move towards paths of innovation and artistic reinterpretation of different styles, in which craftsmanship and attention to trends dialogue to express a high level design idea.

All these creations are also articulated in a vast line of furnishing accessories and accessories.
And that make even... Neapolitan connoisseurs fall in love.

Martellassi 1926, or rather an industry that synthesizes tradition and avant-garde, craftsmanship and glamour in full respect of traditional craftsmanship, for environments with attention to the smallest details, in the constant search for new multi-material solutions, in a waltz of messages with precious 3D volumes. From the bedroom to the living room, from the study to the dining area, from the kitchen to the bathroom, nothing is left to chance, whether it is a private home, a yacht, a public space or a hotel.

Scrupulous attention, extreme attention to detail and a precise and flexible organisation have over the years made it possible to satisfy a demanding and prestigious international customer.

From Pistoia to Shanghai, from Beijing to Lagos, from Almaty to Ashagabat, from Ryiadh to Istanbul, from Moscow to Dubai, from Doha to Taipei, from New York to Los Angeles to Miami, Mantellassi 1926, with its cultural roots, has been able to face the challenges of globalization to become an ambassador of Italian design 'in style' in the world.

Target: contractors, architects, private individuals from all over the world.