Freestyle collections

Freestyle' collections, beyond the box. In the name of the purest maximalism.


Donna Martellassi and Casa Gioiello, the two souls of Martellassi 1926, the two parallel worlds destined, according to the dictates of Euclidean geometry, not to meet. Both free interpretations of styles, which are not intended to be coherent, but extremely instinctive, empathic and in any case strongly recognizable. Precious leathers, precious fabrics, noble woods, excellent metals, rare marbles, coloured glass, extra-light crystals... Merging materials together is an integral part of the pure maximalism of Martellassi 1926, which not by chance makes use of a specific laboratory within its Research and Development Department.
Donna Martellassi and Casa Gioiello, virtual containers in which all the Martellassi 1926 collections come to life, are flanked by the founder Upholstery, the anthology of upholstered furniture par excellence.

Donna Mantellassi

It is the most classic and decorative soul, a bit more Neo Baroque, ostentatious and ornamental: rich furniture, with carvings, inlays or veneers of precious woods, refined fabrics and brocades, gold as the dominant colour. Eighteenth-century Florentine finishes - such as gouache gold - to date almost unobtainable and cannot be catalogued in a specific style, but the result of an interpretative trend typical of the Mantellassi universe devoted, in fact, to the search for preciousness.

Donna Mantellassi is expressed in the Eclectique collection, an eclectic world with classic predominance that cannot be circumscribed in particular schemes. Ageless objects that are bought for the pleasure of having them, but even more so for the pleasure of handing them down, because they represent the absolute beauty and value.

New, the Casa del Sole collection, a representative monument of the Baroque, which evokes light, warmth, luminosity and even rebirth. Projects made to measure for some clients now become a catalogue.

Casa Gioiello

It's a cooler, more measured world inspired by the Decor Glamour spirit. More sparkling, but always very representative, strong and maximalist. Initially created with decorations of authentic jewels made by silversmiths and applied to furniture, Casa Gioiello has then extended its representation to the object itself conceived as a "jewel", that is, as a piece that remains in time.
A slightly more contemporary concept, with a predominance of silver, sunny colours and plain colours that finds its expression in the Decòglam collection.

The Flair collection is another declination of the world of Casa Gioiello, made of different pieces that dialogue with each other in a synergy of virtuous references and enriched by details in the name of a prodigious refinement.


The Upholstery collection, the anthology par excellence of Mantellassi 1926 upholstered furniture, represents the company's historical vocation, the world from which it was born and whose know-how is inherent in its DNA.