AMETISTA - Dresser by Mantellassi 1926
AMETISTA - Dresser
AMETISTA - Dresser

Product Type:cabinets

Furniture with a purely French decò line; the conical front legs balance the geometric line of the other parts with their roundness.

Interpreted in a contemporary way, the chest of drawers has 6 large drawers where you can store your personal linen.

The bedside table has a drawer obtained in the cylindrical section. Knobs with Mantellassi 1926 logo in brass make a fine show of themselves in every drawer.

It is possible to make the dresser to measure, allowing the designer to find the right volumes.

The finish can be in all 44 standard finishes from the Mantellassi sample book, but a sample finish can also be requested.

Dresser sizes:

Height: 71 cm

Width:149 cm

Depth : 55 cm

Bedside table sizes:

Height: 50 cm

Diameter: 45 cm

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