A collection dedicated to young people, created by young design talents: the new TriBeCa Loft line by Mantellassi, presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017.

The furnishings were designed by Marco and Giulio Mantellassi, 27 years old, architects, who are the fifth generation of the homonym historic tuscan furnishing company.

Together with a team of peers from the University of Florence, the Mantellassi twins have created an innovative proposal, made of natural materials, craftsmanship and fine finishes. The collection, inspired by the aesthetic of the sixties and seventies, was born after a long period of research in Italy, the United States and Russia.

“Marco and Giulio realized that in the design it was missing a proper offer to the target of the twenty/thirty-year people: fresh, colorful and versatile, but at the same time of high quality,” explains Roberta Mantellassi, who guide the company with her husband Nicola Remo.

TriBeCa Loft includes furniture made of precious wood, sofas and armchairs in natural wools and aged leathers, Retro style lamps in brass and aluminum. Some objects are inspired by pieces coming from the company archive, revisited in a contemporary key.

To present the collection, Marco and Giulio Mantellassi have transformed the stand of the Salone del Mobile into a loft consisting of  wood and concrete,  with a little bit hipster atmosphere – the dream home of any “Millennials”.



The Last “scratch”, shown during the Last Salone del Mobile in Milan, is representing in the name itself a mix between a glamour out DECO’ mixed with a touch of Vintage.
A true research which is evolving , contrasting and scrupulous, in the sophisticated matching of the materials , in the suggestive reinterpretation where the decoration is function other than prestige.
And if the contamination is the “deux ex machine” which is managing the major “Newtrends” , then revolutionary is the opposite position of the furniture icons in the dining and in the Living room, the contrast among upholstered items and complements with their opaque taste, that is intentionally almost ‘worn’, and the furniture from the sparkling surfaces inspired by the ’40s -’50, played in Deco style and with valuable veneers in the reinterpretation of the young designers of Mantellassi 1926. Greatest attention to manufacturing and to the care in details of the furniture, which have the same finishes and veneers both external and internal parts, with extreme preciousness. Different mood for the ‘night’, which reinterprets the “grandmother’s bedroom”, restudied with Retro style embroideries and with decorative “recalls” to natural fabrics and to the colors/non-colors of linen and wool. A provocative mix of reasons for a home that is seen in a sort of discordant harmony, and which can be placed inside of a trendy loft in New York, rather than in a metropolitan environment with a more classical imprint. Cosmopolitan, unique also tailor-made pieces, belongs to the world of “CASA GIOIELLO” by Mantellassi 1926.


At the early beginning of any interior design project, the most important questions are: what style should I choose? What style do I like? What style will look most beautiful in that space? What style will I feel comfortable with? We have a very specific idea: combining the comfort and the modern concept of Art Déco Style whith a mix of traditional Tuscan Arts, to make our home unique. The Art Déco Style was developed following The First World War, to offer people a new style for a new era. The excitement and optimism of post-war Europe and America formed the basis for this glamorous and elegant design style. Art Déco furniture is a streamlined design. Our furniture is modern and sleek at the same time. Upholstery is typical and it gives comfort to the rigid structural shapes. Art Déco lighting and surfaces, in this collection, are generally sleek and clean, in order to contrast the more decorative and ornate object. Mirrors made in metal Silver plated are decorated with geometrical shapes. Mantellassi FLAIR is a lifestyle, whilst not for everyone, is appreciated by all!



In the 2008 the debut of collection “Casa Gioiello”: few selected pieces are drawing some spacies, studied in details to be unique and to reflex the luxury way of living. If true luxury is freedom to choose what gives the pleasure and long-lasting, “Casa Gioiello”, of Mantellassi is elegant, with fine and never ostentatious glamour in perfect balance between solids and voids. It was designed for metropolitan lofts as for traditional houses, for permanent as for transit residences: the most important things are the exclusive atmosphere and the unique multisensory experience in which someone can live. Bed, sofa and armchair, protagonists of sleeping and living areas, are characterized by a linear design. Just softened by curved backrests and bedheads, with a vaguely deco’ effect, all covered by white leather, outlined with black leather. Small, but very important detail: every unit is embellished by jewel-legs, that is inspired by the perforated decorations of important jewelleries. They illuminate the space and catch the eye. These are precious but removable details in order to satisfy who likes more essential style: so, there are also the legs without jewel decorations, in chrome steel. The models like for example, beautiful sofa Audrey and particular armchair Tango are different in movements and lines, but they have similar sophisticated and glamorous style. Who choose “Casa Gioiello” signed by Mantellassi, know how to “read” the world and his many aspects, picking his contradictions and potential of change. It means to choose a “full” space having a strong personality, but at the same time “empty”, since being capable to live and to be transformed. A place that transmits energy, but that is also neutral enough to let to be alone and to meditate: the perfect mirror of our times, complicated, charming, elusive in its incessant transformations.



With the Donna Mantellassi–Neo-Baroque Collection, these classical furnishings hold pleasant surprises, especially when it comes to modern reinterpretations of Furniture from the past.Often maligned, the classical style is seen as the antithesis of the more prestigious modern design, as if the two were from two different worlds. As a matter of fact,many designers have not refrained from re-styling classical lines, as seen, for example,with modern baroque Furniture. Donna Mantellassi stands out for a personal re-interpretation of the classical not only through richly decorated,solid wood armchairs and sofas but with a clear, intelligent,passionate and elegant idea of a house,with its distinctively finished console tables, magnificent inlaid wood or Fabric-upholstered headboards finished in Gold- or Silver leaf,and living rooms where classical lines and modern materials alternate,from glass to marble.



Artisan tradition and design are joining themselves to make a new concept of sofas and armchairs. Products full of details with great care of the finishing. God is in details, as Mies van den Rohe said. The main issues are: selection of fabrics, properly matched, quality of suspension with mash top sprung units or fishmouth system, thick hard wood frames, glued, screwed and beveled, high density foam and pure feather cushions. All the ingredients are necessary to create THE BEST SOFA IN THE WORLD. Analyzing the factors, we can declare that we are honored to use Wade Spring as main supplier of suspension, the inventor of the sprung unit and the number one in the world. They have many patented design for this category and we are one of the few Italian companies that are importing this item. For the frames, we use only the dry thick beech wood, treated and assembled with great expertise. They are so strong that we may give you a life time warranty. Cutting is a wonderful moment. Every single piece is done by hand with single pattern, because our client is very demanding and they are often asking for a customize product, with dozen of details. Strips, pattern, leather are handled with the best care for the top result. Sewing is done with competency, sometimes by hand sometimes with the most technological sewing machines. Double or single stitched, piping, trimmings and marabou are carefully done. Upholstery is our main job. Our people knows how to make perfect tufting arm or back, linear front edges and every single artisanal work in the sofa world. If you give a look to the catalogue you may admire what I cannot explain by words.