Unique and exclusive applique

Product Type:lighting cosmopolitan collection

Lolita is an applique from the Cosmopolitan Collection.

Lolita is a series consisting of chandelier, applique and floor lamp.

Lolita applique fits into any environment. From classic to modern, Lolita becomes the undisputed interpreter of any room that you want to make unique and exclusive.

Inserting such a precious object in your home means seeking the perfection of detail. The stem and the structure are in chromed metal but there is the possibility of making it lacquered or gold plated. On each chain, crystal pendants and the tip in Swarovski completely made and assembled by hand.

Each Mantellassi object is an expression of style and perfection, destined to last forever.

Measures as photo:

Height 150 cm

Diameter 15 cm

Width 25 cm

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