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Ola is a sofa from the Cosmopolitan Collection.

Ola is a series composed by sofa, armchair, pouf, living room tables, TV holder, bar counter and back counter, bed, bedside table, dresser, bed bench, septet, mirror and dressing table.

The fil rouge that binds art to design is now a hallmark of the work that Mantellassi is developing within it.

Rather than talking about contamination, we would like to refer to two different experiential phases that merge, finding a common goal: a unique experience of beauty that can become part of the daily life of each of us.

For some time, Samuele Mazza has concentrated part of his reflection on the relationships existing between representation, urban architecture and image.

Currently, a large section of the LO SPAZIO NEL TEMPO showroom at the Gello of Mantellassi headquarters is dedicated to the Cosmopolitan collection, curated by Marco and Giulio Mantellassi: an important step in corporate growth.

Now Cosmopolitan "contaminates" Mantellassi's mission with its own image It was a matter of transforming an image used to think about architecture by transferring it to an object of everyday use, building a bridge between the imagination that dominates art and life which is usually dominated by the function that the object has.

So the Ola sofa becomes a functional decoration object.

Available in different sizes and coverings.

Covering as seen:

Body in leather art. Intertwined with Sand cat. 950.

Armrests in leather art. Intertwined with Sand and Nashville col. Sand cat. 950.

Seats and back in leather art. Nashville col. Sand cat. 950 with contrasting stitching col. Turtledove cat. 950.

Optional loose cushions at choice

Base and steel bars


Armchair 75 100 92

Sofa 2 seats 75 100 210

Sofa 3 seats 75 100 240

Corner 75 100 100

Single terminal SMALL 75 100 105

Single terminal GRAND 75 100 120

Terminal double SMALL 75 100 185

Double terminal GRAND 75 100 215

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