Elegant Tv holder or buffet, completely customizable

Product Type:cabinet cosmopolitan collection

Collier is a tv holder from the Cosmopolitan Collection.

Elegant TV holder made of bended plywood.  

The painted MDF top is embellished with a Smoked-colored safety glass. The metal base, light and refined, gives that touch of perfection of an unique objects.

The doors can be covered with leather in various colors, for maximum customization. As well as the color of the polish.

The knob, small brass sculpture signed Mantellassi.

A Mantellassi masterpiece always manages to impress for its sophisticated refinement and elegance, representative symbol of its owner.

Structure in bended plywood for the doors, MDF top with smoked glass and metal base.

Door covering:leather art. Nuvola  col. Peach, Reptile embossed.

Finish: Glossy lacquer col. Black - Knob with Mantellassi 1926 logo.


Buffet 4 doors H. 100 P. 54 L. 250 / H. 100 P. 54 L. 214

Buffet 2 doors H. 100 P. 54 L. 110

4-door TV stand H. 55 P. 54 L. 250 / H. 55 P. 54 L. 214

2-door TV stand H. 55 P. 54 L. 110

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