Celebratory armchair with manual relaxation movement

Product Type:armchair couture collection

Carson is an armchair of our Couture Collection.

Carson is a celebratory relaxation armchair that reinterprets its past in a contemporary key through the reinterpretation of the “Chippendale foot

In this new version, the foot is in fact kept linear with a slight series of grooves, precisely with the same procedure with which many decades now the Rio Grande family was proposed, which has become a real "best of".

Armchair with rigid shell and soft internal cushions, of abundant height and depth, with large side wings, can be inserted in large rooms, in front of a fireplace or in the bedroom.

Manual relaxation movement guaranteed for life. Possible combination with the sofas of the Couture collection.

Covering as seen:

Armrests, seat and backrest: Fabric art. Soft flower col. Lilac cat. Deluxe
Inner sides and ears: Fabric art. Soft pied de poule col. Lilac cat. Deluxe
Side parts, external ears and back: Fabric art. Soft square col. Lilac cat. Deluxe
Under the side: leather art. Nuvola col. 175 - Bruno cat. 800
Optional flying cushion of your choice

Finish: cod. 260 - Profiled antiqued walnut


H.111 P.100 L.88

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