Ottomano - pouff
Ottomano - pouff

Product Type:pouff

Nicola Mantellassi has designed the Ottoman to complete the Couture sofa collection, giving a comfortable seat in a special event. If used in pairs they can make better use of space in small rooms, and an interesting aesthetic with combinations of patterned fabrics. All versions of this Ottoman have a covered base that emphasizes the proportions between the volumes. This creates a pleasant sense of proportion. Ottoman has legs with brass wheels. This version has a diamond-shaped capitonn�. Depending on the coating used, the result can be either a glamorous style or a traditional look. Height: 46 cm 1) Depth: 120 x 120 cm 2) Depth: 80 x 80 cm 3) Width: 50 x 80 cm 4) Width: 50 x 50 cm

Ottomano - pouff
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