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This collection was born from the Anglo-Saxon tradition, a re-enactment of the "hunting" style.

With the work of precious artisan hands, the Fourseasons collection reflects that elegant and refined taste where the creativity of the designers blends with the naturalness of the raw materials used, worked manually with attention to every detail, so as to transform the material into a unique inimitable, 100% made in Italy.

The high backrest, the adjustable armrest and the soft and original lines characterize Isotta with a timeless design.

The suspension system with biconical springs makes Isotta the most comfortable sofa you can ever imagine.

Covering as seen:

Seats, bands and backrest cushions: Fabric art. Donatello col. multicolor cat. Mn.
Shell, back, side panel and internal armrest: Fabric art. Emilio col. Multicolor cat. Maxi.
Above armrest and under edge: Leather art. Athene col. Eggplant cat. 800.
Side parts: Fabric art. Zuma col. Plum cat. Mn.

Optional flying cushions of your choice.

Paws and pine cones finish: Steel and glossy black.


Small Sofa H.98 P.100 L.200

Midi Sofa H.98 P.100 L.255

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