Language of style

Mantellassi has a direct contact with the design

Everybody can note the eclectic design symptoms, which the well-known Architect Luca Scacchetti use to repeat in this famous phrase: “If Mantellassi didn’t exist, it should be invented.”
The reason why we have this characteristic, is inside our DNA, and comes from the long experience trough the 5 continents: FAR EAST, EX URSS, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPE, AFRICA, AMERICAS.
The level of training necessary to win the global challenges is characterized by the attitude to feel the low sounds and turn them into innovative products.
In the last decades we have launched collection as:

....... today we are engaged in Donna Mantellassi
....... and in Casa Gioiello

However a “fashion” approach, devoid rigid canons charged from a certain Brand philosophy, it’s able to impress the client with a permanent show perfectly tailor made to the ultimate market needs.