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“Whatever masterpiece will furnish your environment, it will be the aurea, the essence and the soul which will leave a mark in your life, with unrepeatable, unique, special moments”

Without history there is no identity. This fact is known well by Mantellassi 1926, the extremely dynamic Tuscan company which has successfully and determinedly withstood market challenges and globalisation, anchoring itself even more securely on the cultural roots of its social, cultural and artistic context, to assume a role as ambassador of Italian design “in style” in the world. The Mantellassi adventure began in 1926, with a fate interwoven with periods more typical of a novel and family histories that almost read like fairytales. A decidedly positive message that exhorts, decade after decade, the new generations to continue in the path with faith and optimism.

Today the company is run by the fourth generation in the persons of Nicola Remo Mantellassi and his wife Roberta. They work together with a group of collaborators brought together to achieve a sole objective, to acquire increasing abilities in a world that no longer concerns only divans and armchairs but collections that include total look furnishings, designed in the smallest details to be unique and to reflect luxury with a strong capacity for expressing character. The furnishings, enriched with artistic effects, come in a wide range, from the single piece to turnkey projects, intended for exclusive environments destined to last. From the bedroom to the lounge, studio, dining area, kitchen and bathroom, whether part of a private residence, a yacht or a public area such as a hotel.

Mantellassi 1926 entrusts its production to authentic master craftsmen of the old Tuscan school; casters, lacquerers, engravers, cabinet-makers, experts in carpentry, wrought iron work, light strive for excellent quality in their handiwork, producing pieces that play on the expectations of those who love “made in Italy” style, in a continuous process of dialectics between craft and industry. With a rigorously all Italian production it is a genuine luxury that few companies can still afford. It provides architects, interior designers, contractor and final clients with a team work capable of designing every single furnishing item in a completely customised way, combining the client’s ideas with the classic styles of Neo Baroque and Decor Glamour concepts.

This is the great ‘Italian know-how of Mantellassi 1926: designs that begin with an emotive nucleus, not necessarily symmetrical, and which push toward processes of reinterpretation in different artistic styles, where craftsmanship and attention to trends dialogue to express an idea of interior design at a high level.

It is the culture of the project, in all its aspects, that is the kingpin around which Mantellassi 1926 rotates. In this aspect the key to its growth has been cooperation with internationally important architectural studios.

Everything produced by the design skills and creativity of this dynamic concern is the result of a passion and lifestyle, the heritage of generations, that translate original artistic language with a free interpretation.


90 years ‘in style’

The interwar years. The hallmarks of the manufacturing production of the province of Pistoia are vitality and innovation. Concentrated in the districts of Quarrata, Agliana and Montale there are groups of determined craftsmen who join forces to form small businesses specialised in weaving and handcrafted furniture. In the early years of the fascist period the new businesses enjoyed a period of substantial growth in production. Thanks to the employment opportunities that arose in towns a process of migration from rural to urban areas started. The post-war years. The integration of small manufacturing centres led to the formation of hubs specialised in the manufacture and sale of furniture and furnishings. It was precisely those furniture manufacturers, the early models of specialised industries, that represented the connected thread that joined Quarrata, Agliana and Montale and created a link with the province of Prato in a continuum of homes, workshops, factories, warehouses and deposits, interspersed with fields and residential areas. It was in this situation that the Mantellassi business started up in Quarrata, a small town of country folk who became craftsmen. The company was founded on 8 April 1926 by a gifted upholsterer, Macario Mantellassi, his son Remo and his wife Elisa who initially provided financial resources to set up the company and later had a hand in its development. Elisa is not only one of the many examples of women-managers ahead of their time who are often forgotten or ignored by the economic and social Italian historiography of that period. It is also an excellent example of the importance that women had and continue to have in the running and success of the Mantellassi 1926 business from its origins to the present day.


Today, Nicola Remo Mantellassi and his wife Roberta Mantellassi, the fourth generation, are working with a team of cooperators which are motivated and committed to achieving a single target: to acquire high skills in a world not only of sofas and chairs, but of collections that include complete furnishings and selected pieces that draw all the kind of livings, especially designed to be unique and reflect a simple way of living the luxury, yet so powerfully distinctive.

....... the fifth generation is on it's way!