Without a deep competence of his own subject it is difficult to plan the new one. From this point of view imitation has a remarkable preparatory value.

Mantellassi 1926 is the history of a great Family and able Tuscan artisans and workers that, generation after generation, have been capable to build up a brand internationally known as a worthy representative of Italian originality and taste. Mantellassi’s family above all thank their predecessor for their wise work repeatedly awarded with the highest decorations reserved to successful companies, and all those that constantly undertake to renew the prestige of a more and more appreciated mark (brand) as synonymous of Tuscan quality and artisanal tradition, capable to conjugate glamour and comfort, design and art. Mantellassi takes care in an exclusive way of the manufacture of upholstered furniture, creating sofas and armchairs collections in top range, besides furnish complements of high quality.

The possession of a consistent specific competence and of a substantial respect for his own job, trace the clean border that divides creativity from transgression.