Our future

After 4 generation , uninterruptedly leading this group of companies, and with the fifth that is warming up on the threshold of the 90 years , the philosophy which are at the heart of the Mantellassi success are still the same: passion, elegance, unicity, authenticity. We can find out those characteristics in every details of our collection, our residential furnishing, hospitality, naval and commercial.Since the early beginning, we have a strong relationship with the design, which is well known worldwide, and our artisan skills are the best you can find in the market. People that are trained from father to son since many centuries, in the outskirt of Florence, the heart of the Tuscan tradition.. Our actual designer love to embrace this history, mixing shimmer and classic, getting what they call Glamour. To the next generation, the actual leaders Nicola and Roberta are building up a new corporate, exclusive mansion, where genesis and technology are pulsating and are creating a an endless flown of innovation.A place where the people are learning the soft touch of a rare velvet, the excellence of a complex carving, the preciousness of a noble marquetry inlaid , the mastery of an embroidery made with a gossamer thread and understand the difference between the luxury factors and the normal one. Purchasing luxury doesn’t means only ostentation, but self satisfaction overall   own something for lifetime but only temporary, an original product , to hand down to the next generations. For the few which have get the real spirit of the luxurious concept, is a privilege to start his own tradition.Who have experienced this emotion want to enjoy it to the full and radiate it to the closest people in the same environment. We know exactly how serve this people with the true luxury, giving them feed back tuned with their desires.