Design legacy

The early years

Macario Mantellassi, a great tapestries, founds an interior woodwork and door company in 1926 in Quarrata, PT  just in the outskirt of Florence. The company makes its first piece of furniture one years later, a combination sofa and bookcase called GIREVOLE. Remo and Elisa, son and his wife of Macario, graduates from the University in Florence  and join his Father in the same year, as carpenter.

The modern movement and more - 1930s

Mantellassi ventures into Modernism with its Art Deco including several pieces designed by Remo. He becomes the company’s president upon his father’s death. Mantellassi launches bedroom furniture from stage designer and select furniture by noted modernist  in 1932, leading the debut of the Modern movement in the Italian market.

The company introduces its “Ottoman” collection, the first great furniture reproduction program in Italy, in 1932. The designs are mainly Bauhaus, crafted by experts hand – picked from the Tuscan district. Two years later, Mantellassi introduces the Rationalism furniture to the Italian market.

An era of war - 1940s and 1950s

In 1941, more than 500 products collected by Mantellassi are formally organized and placed on display in the central part of Italy. Mantellassi introduces the IRON Collection, the first truly modern  furniture collection manufactured in the Tuscan country, in 1949, right after the end of the second World War. The next year, the company popularizes Italian neoclassic design with the introduction of its first Palladian Collection, based on exhaustive study of countless museum originals. Acclaimed designer Mr Terzani partners with Mantellassi in 1951 on the first Scandinavian collection for the Italian market. In 1959, Carlo Mantellassi joint the company and begins to produce an assortment of simpler, less costly furniture, dividing the company in 3 branches, Timber, Retail and Manufacturing.

An era of expansion - 1960s and 1970s

Carlo Mantellassi becomes the company’s president in 1960, after the death of Remo, finding new niches in the luxury market and introducing a wealth of new collections. Mantellassi opens a new manufacturing facility in Quarrata for the polyurethane foam, along with some competitors and friends, in an effort to create the industry’s highest-quality production-made furniture.

The fourth generation. An era of great Design - 1980 to 2000

In 1980, innovative Italian interior designer Tiziano Lera creates a collection of approximately 12 avant garde occasional and living room  items simply known as Pappagalle. A year later, Nicola Mantellassi Joint the company  launched ANTIQUE, one of the most revolutionary dining and occasional tables, standing lamps, chairs ever done, with reproductions from originals found in celebrated castles and estates in the world. The positive reception of this collection made in bronze and wood, reaffirms the importance of Mantellassi’s work with top designers around the world, as Antonio Arena. The late ‘80s mark significant debuts of Roberta, Nicola’s wife, as r&d chief, and Mantellassi launched the Romantica collection, continental furniture drawn from the archives the much heralded  design firm. Patina is re-introduced as a memory collection  of Mantellassi in 1996, offering vintage look, more livable furniture at a great value for money. That same year, the opening of the Almaty Mantellassi shop in the shop, was the milestone of the future distribution strategy. In 1996, Mantellassi introduces the Etnica collection, featuring furniture from the Far east, Middle east and African  artist and designer that draws on ancient typical patterns.

Glamour Design, global openings - 2000 to 2015

During this decade, Mantellassi debuts collections from a series of celebrated designers, including Samuele Mazza, Alessio Mazza, Manzioni e Tapinassi, Gianfranco Gualtierotti , Andrea Perra, Martina Collina. In 2005, Mantellassi launches DECOGLAM collection, inspired by classic Deco’ European designs, With a glamour touch, and in 2008 and 2009, Mantellassi extended this collection up to 300 piece, entering in the total look field. During this same period, the company provides furniture for a different boutique hotels and restaurant, working ONE OFF and making the most celebrated pieces in the market. This later era marks a flurry of international showroom openings: in Paris, Moscow, Singapore and three cities in China with the introduction of the latest masterpiece: the FLAIR collection.