Following the directions of new marketing initiatives, the person in charge of floors and decorations in wood, stone, steel and brass has been included in the staff. The various proposals currently in the project are divided as follows:

Progeny: a puzzle to choose in wood, marble, metals and leather, assembled on tiles of different sizes. The patterns are extremely varied, with reference to the extraordinary masterpieces of the Florentine Renaissance.

Marquetry: inlay made with different essences, designed as a central decorative element.

Geometric inlay: made with only one type of wood to choose from among the noblest as Oak, American Walnut, American Cherry, Teak, Ipe and many others. Processing such as heavy sandblasting and manual plugging enhance this type of surface.

Antique wood floors: starting from the availability of ancient woods (Teak, Walnut, Oak), restoration is carried out and they are assembled according to the project, which takes into account the characteristics of the material found. For example, some floors have been carried out with Oak recovered from old barrels with the incredibile coloration of the must.